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(RTW(CA))Return to Work Management for Food and Beverage Services

Return to Work Management is the process which helps the stakeholders including the employers and the injured staff. Its objectives is to provide rehabilitation services to the injured employee who temporarily lose their working ability and facilitate their safe and early return to work. There are thousands work-related injuries and occupational diseases in Hong Kong and about half of the work-related injuries are happened in the food and beverage service. The main responsibilities of the employers are ensuring OSH and preventing the occurrence of the work-related injuries and occupational disease. Nevertheless, once there is an accident, it is important to provide immediate treatment and rehabilitation to the related employee in addition to the compensation. Nowadays, recruitment is a difficult task in Hong Kong’s economy. It is important to facilitate the injured employee early return to work, in order to reach a mutual beneficial situation.

This course is designed for employer, management staff of food and beverage service. It aims to at providing participants with the benefits of Return to Work Management, promoting this management program and designing suitable rehabilitation scheme to help the injured employee to have a recovery of the working ability. With this Return to Work Management, a mutually beneficial scenario can be developed for both employee and employer.

1. Definition of Return to Work management
2. Development of Return to Work management program
3. Process of occupational rehabilitation
4. Roles of Certified Return to Work Coordinator
5. Case studies and analysis on occupational rehabilitation
Duration (Hour): 6 hours
Instructor: Professional or OSHC Consultants
Language: Cantonese supplemented with Chinese notes
Prerequisites: General education with relevant working experience
Remark: ● Award of Certificate: 100% class attendance.
● Students who do not have sufficient attendance is not allowed to attend the examination.
● Students who are absent from the class, late or leave earlier for more than 30 minutes in class will be regarded as absent for that session.
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RTW(CA)/23/C 0 0 Not Appropriate North Point 01/06/2023 01/06/2023
(Exam Date:01/06/2023)
RTW(CA)/23/D 0 0 Not Appropriate North Point 22/09/2023 22/09/2023
(Exam Date:22/09/2023)
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