Certificate in Safety and Health for Supervisors (Construction) (English class) SS(CO(E))〈SS(CO(E))〉

This supervisor course is modular in design that suits the progress of individual applicants. The course can be divided into 2 main parts: Part I has 3 compulsory modules and Part II has one industry-based module which is Construction Safety. Please note that all the required modules must be completed within one year. Highlights: Module 1: Basic Safety Management SM(E) Module 2: Basic Accident Prevention GS(E) Module 3: Basic Occupational Health OH(E) Module 4: Construction Safety CO(E) C ourse Duration: 43 hours Module 1: SM(E) 12hours Module 2: GS(E) 12hours Module 3: OH(E) 12hours Module 4: CO(E) 7 hours Language of Instruction: English supplemented with English notes

Instructor: Professional or OSHC Consultants
Language: English
Prerequisites: 1. Ability to read and write in English and completion of secondary education (F.5 under HKCEE or F.6 under HKDSE) or above or equivalent (applicants should provide copies of certification) or 2. 23 years of age or above and 3 years of relevant work experience (applicants should provide proof of work experience including applicant’s position, description of work nature, and declaration of the ability to read and write in English in order to complete the course.)
◎100% attendance for each compulsory module and for each optional module and a pass in end-of-course examination for each module.
◎Certificate in Safety and Health for Supervisors (Construction) will be issued to those who have completed all the 4 modules and passed the require examinations within one year^.
◎Applicant can fax or mail the application form "Application for Certificate in Safety and Health for Supervisors (Construction)", together with certificate copies for related modules. OSHC will mail the Certificate Collection Letter to the applicant within 14 working days according to the given correspondence address. For enquiries, please call 3106 2000.
^ All modules should be completed within one year starting from the beginning of first module (module in no particular order).
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