Occupational Safety and Health Supervisors Courses
(GS(E))Basic Accident Prevention (English Class)

Occupational Safety and Health regulations have been enacted to protect employees in Hong Kong. Prevention of accidents is one of the basic requirements. This course provides a basic introduction to causes and prevention of accidents at work.

1. Cause and trend of occupational injury / fatal cases, concept and principle of cause of accident, the importance of dynamic risk assessment
2. Accident-causation related work process / equipment / environment, legal requirement / standards and preventive measures
- Fall of persons from height
- Struck by falling objects
- Contact with electricity or electric discharge
- Exposure to fire and explosion
- Compatibility of different work processes
- Other common types of accidents
Duration (Hour): 12 hours plus end-of-course examination
Instructor: Professional or OSHC consultant
Language: English supplemented with English notes
Prerequisites: 1. Ability to read and write in English and completion of secondary education (F.5 under HKCEE or F.6 under HKDSE) or above or equivalent (applicants should provide copies of certification) or
2. 23 years of age or above and 3 years of relevant work experience (applicants should provide proof of work experience including applicant’s position, description of work nature, and declaration of the ability to read and write in English in order to complete the course.)
Remark: ● Award of Certificate : 100% attendance, pass in practical assessment, class exercise and the end-of-course examination.
● Students who do not have sufficient attendance are not allowed to attend the examination.
● Students who are absent from the class, late or leave earlier for more than 30 minutes in class will be regarded as absent for that session.
● The first lesson of the course is the practical lesson. Students need to wear proper clothing (trousers) in order to use the full body harness.
● Upon completion of the course, the Council will send the “Letter of Notification“ to the students within 14 working days for collecting certificate.
OSH Certificate in Safety and Health Supervisors (Construction) Course (English Class) Application Form
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GS(E)/24/C 320 290 160 Tsing Yi 25/07/2024 25/07 & 01/08/2024
Examination: 01/08/2024
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09:30-12:30 & 14:00-17:00
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