General Occupational Safety and Health Courses
(BCA)General Safety In Catering

Hong Kong is known as "Culinary Capital of Asia" in the world, the development of the catering industry has been thrived. Now, there are about sixteen thousand food service employing more than two hundred thirty thousand employees. However, the rapid development, brings the number of accidents even higher. The main type of accident such as burns, injured by hand tools, slips trips and lifting heavy objects. Although most of accidents are minor nature, it is enough to have a profound impact to the industry. Therefore, knowledge of employees in occupational safety and health should be enhanced, in order to support the development of business. We provide quality services at the same time ensure the safety and health of employees. This course is designed to enhance the catering frontline staff occupational safety and health awareness and reduce accidents. Also, the course is occupational safety training for catering frontline staff under the ‘OSH Star Restaurant Scheme’.

1. OSH legislations related to catering industry
2. OSH responsibilities of employer and employee
3. Safety measures of using sharp hand tools
4. Safe handling of burning stuff
5. 5S Good Housekeeping Practice
6. Manual Handling Safety
7. Machine and electricity Safety
8. Safe use of chemicals and detergent
9. Kitchen layout and temperature control
10. Fire Safety
11. Personal Protective Equipment
12. Common accident and analysis of occupational diseases in catering industry
Duration (Hour): 2 hours
Instructor: Professional or OSHC Consultant
Language: Cantonese supplemented with Chinese notes
Prerequisites: Employee involved in catering industry with the ability to read and write in Chinese
Remark: ◎ Award of Certificate: 100% attendance and pass in end-of-course examination.
◎ Students who do not have sufficient attendance are not allowed to attend the examination.
◎ Students who are absent from the class, late or leave earlier for more than 30 minutes in class will be regarded as absent for that session.
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BCA/23/B 0 0 Not Appropriate North Point 15/06/2023 15/06/2023
(Exam Date:15/06/2023)
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(Exam Date:24/08/2023)