General Occupational Safety and Health Courses
(5SOFF)5S Good Housekeeping for Offices

OSHC has been promoting vigorously Good Housekeeping Programmes to the local industries. Participating organizations have also achieved definite improvements in the management of their workplaces. These include the reduction of accidents, better working environment or hygiene conditions as well the raise in safety awareness. There are certain hazards existed even in a normal office, e.g. poor file management (both hardware and software) leading to injury caused by improper manual handling or lifting, fatigue and stress from prolonged use of computer in searching documents… etc. 5S Housekeeping Programme could be used as a tool in the establishment of a filing system enabling the storage and retrieval processes. With such enhancement from 5S application, the documentation work could be done more accurately and efficiently. These improvements, among other things, could shorten the file handling time, avoid unnecessary file movement and remove the tiredness or anxiety from long period of time spent to locate a missing document. OSHC organized this course for offices so that they could apply the 5S techniques to further improve their safety and health performances. This in turn increases the overall productivity. The course is suitable for all people working in offices.

1.Benefits from Good Housekeeping
2.Principle of 5S
3.5S practical applications (working environment and file management)
4.Case studies
Duration (Hour): 3.5 hours
Instructor: Professional or OSHC consultant
Language: Cantonese supplemented with Chinese notes
Prerequisites: Ability to read and write in Chinese
Remark: ◎Award of Certificate: 100% attendance and pass the end-of-course examination.
◎Students who do not have sufficient attendance are not allowed to attend the examination
◎Students who are absent from the class, late or leave earlier for more than 30 minutes in a class will be regarded as absent for that session.
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(Exam Date:19/06/2024)
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