General Occupational Safety and Health Courses
(FLSBI)Fundamentals of Laser Safety and Safe Operation of Optical Instruments for Beauty Industry

The laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and light-emitting diode (LED) technology are commonly used in the beauty industry. The beauty industry employees could be exposed to optical radiation hazards and non-beam laser hazards when they perform the laser treatment and intense pulse light services by using the optical instruments. This course explicated the potential hazards of laser, IPL and LED technology and provided relative safety control measures when operating the optical instrument. This course is suitable for the employees, management staff and employers who required to operate the optical instruments for beauty care, aiming to enhance their safety awareness.

The course contents are based on the Chapter 22. Laser and Intense Pulse Light Services in the Code of Practice for Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Maternity Homes which published by the Department of Health, HKSAR. This course is tutored by the U.S. Certified Laser Safety Officer.

1. OSH Legislative Requirements for Laser Safety
2. Laser Safety Management
3. Certified Laser Safety Officer’s requirement and responsibility
4. Potential Hazards induced by non-beam laser
5. Basic principle, characteristics and difference in Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Light-Emitting Diode (LED) technology
6. Risk stratification and feature in Laser, IPL and LED technology
7. Potential Hazards of laser, IPL and LED (Injury to Eyes and Skin)
8. PPE and Safety Standards for Laser, IPL and LED
Duration (Hour): 3.5 hours
Instructor: Professional or OSHC Consultant
Language: Cantonese supplemented with Chinese notes
Prerequisites: Ability to read and write in Chinese
Language: Cantonese supplemented with Chinese notes
Remark: ◎ Award of Certificate: 100% attendance and pass in end-of-course examination.
◎ Students who do not have sufficient attendance are not allowed to attend the examination.
◎ Students who are absent from the class, late or leave earlier for more than 30 minutes in a class will be regarded as absent for that session.
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