General Occupational Safety and Health Courses
(GW(R))Revalidation Course on Gas Welding Safety Training

Personnel involved in gas welding and frame cutting operations and have obtained Certificates of One Day Gas Welding Safety Training which is recongnized by Labour Department, should note that their certificates are valid for 5 years. Holders of these certificates must attend the half day revalidation course to get the updates on the legislation development and review the related safety measures for continuing the duties of such operations; in accordance with the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Gas Welding and Flame Cutting) Regulation.

1. Introduction to Arrangements of the Course
2. Relevant Occupational Safety and Health Legislation Applicable to Gas Welding
3. Responsibilities of Various Duty Holders Connected with Gas Welding Process
4. Common Types of Hazards, Unsafe Conditions and Unsafe Acts, and Risk Assessment of Gas Welding
5. Case Study and Analysis of Common Serious Accidents
6. Safety Measures for Gas Welding
7. General Safe Practices of Gas Welding
Duration (Hour): 4 hours
Instructor: Professional or OSHC Consultants
Language: Cantonese supplemented with Chinese notes
Prerequisites: 1) Applicant should be lawfully employable in Hong Kong, i.e.
(a) Holder of Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card; or
(b) Holder of Hong Kong Identity Card and valid travel document (must free from condition of stay or subject to a valid time limit of stay only)
2) Holder of “Certificate of One-day Gas Welding Safety Training” recognized by the Labour Department.
3) The certificate will expire within six months or has expired for not more than three months. For example, the certificate will expire on 31/5/2023, the student should complete the related
revalidation course and pass the examination before 30/8/2023.
4) Applicants should submit a copy of the certificates for verification during application. If applicants cannot fulfill items 1, 2 & 3 above, the Council will not accept their application.
Remark: ● Award of Certificate : 100% attendance, patrical exercise and pass the end-ofcourse examination.
● Students who do not have sufficient attendance are not allowed to attend the examination.
● Students who are late or leave earlier for more than 15 minutes in class will be regarded as absent for that session.
(The Labour Department has implemented improvement measures for the system for monitoring of mandatory safety training courses,which requires that students who are late or leave earlier for more than 15 minutes in any half day session(s), the student will be
disqualified to attend the examination.)
● Trainee should refer to Mandatory Safety Training Courses Notes for Trainees. Please fill in Mandatory Safety Training Courses Visual and Audio Recording Consent Form and Acknowledgement of Receipt of "Mandatory Safety Training Courses Notes for Trainees" and return this form together with the course application form to the Council.
Mandatory Safety Training Courses Visual and Audio Recording Consent Form and Acknowledgement of Receipt of
Reserve online (If online enrollment quota is full or you would like to arrange in-house training course,
please contact 2311 3322/3106 2000.)
Course Code Original Fee
GCG Member Fee/
OSH Ambassador Fee
Venue Start Date
Class Date Time Apply individual
GW(R)/23/AY 230 210 160 Tsing Yi 22/09/2023 22/09/2023
(Exam Date:22/09/2023)
Online Quota Full
GW(R)/23/BB 230 210 160 Tsing Yi 06/10/2023 06/10/2023
(Exam Date:06/10/2023)
Application Closed
GW(R)/23/BC 230 210 160 Tsing Yi 10/10/2023 10/10/2023
(Exam Date:10/10/2023)
GW(R)/23/BD 230 210 160 Tsing Yi 16/10/2023 16/10/2023
(Exam Date:16/10/2023)
GW(R)/23/BE 230 210 160 Tsing Yi 21/10/2023 21/10/2023
(Exam Date:21/10/2023)
GW(R)/23/BG 230 210 160 Tsing Yi 30/10/2023 30/10/2023
(Exam Date:30/10/2023)
Online Quota Full
GW(R)/23/BH 230 210 160 Tsing Yi 07/11/2023 07/11/2023
(Exam Date:07/11/2023)
GW(R)/23/BJ 230 210 160 Tsing Yi 15/11/2023 15/11/2023
(Exam Date:15/11/2023)
GW(R)/23/BK 230 210 160 Tsing Yi 19/11/2023 19/11/2023
(Exam Date:19/11/2023)
GW(R)/23/BL 230 210 160 Tsing Yi 28/11/2023 28/11/2023
(Exam Date:28/11/2023)
GW(R)/23/BN 230 210 160 Tsing Yi 05/12/2023 05/12/2023
(Exam Date:05/12/2023)
GW(R)/23/BP 230 210 160 Tsing Yi 16/12/2023 16/12/2023
(Exam Date:16/12/2023)
GW(R)/23/BQ 230 210 160 Tsing Yi 21/12/2023 21/12/2023
(Exam Date:21/12/2023)
GW(R)/23/BR 230 210 160 Tsing Yi 28/12/2023 28/12/2023
(Exam Date:28/12/2023)